One of our customers (Saskatoon Police) has just started putting Westin bumpers on their cars. One of their Ford UIs got rammed repeatedly by the driver of a stolen truck that they were trying to stop. They figured about $800 damage to this vehicle, mostly because of the broken headlight module. More importantly, the vehicle was NOT disabled so they could continue the chase and eventually caught the guy. The stolen truck also rammed another Ford UI a few times and that one did not have a Westin pushbumper on it. $4800 damage to the vehicle, and the vehicle’s radiator failed due to the ramming so the vehicle was out of the chase. They were impressed at how well it stood up to the abuse. They are now asking for pricing for 30+ pushbumper assemblies to outfit their entire fleet.

Mark Yager (General Manager)
Sigma Safety Corp.

We just installed the first Westin push bar on a 2013 Dodge Charger. The install was easy and simple to do, so, my techs are really happy about that. Many thanks from them! The modifications are minimal to the grill and the bumper. Kudos to the design team! This is a huge benefit when it comes to installation and labor costs. The bumper seems to be real sturdy, when you try to move the bumper it actually just moves the entire vehicle instead of just the bumper. I also appreciate the fact that you were able to design it using Federal Signal equipment. It¹s important to keep all of my lights with one manufacturer so I don¹t have to stock a lot of different lights for repair. Most importantly it looks really, really cool. It just has a really tough and intimidating look to it. I look forward to getting some put on my Ford Interceptors!

Tony Gonzalez (Lieutenant)
New Mexico State Police
Fleet Operations

During the last several years multiple incidents involving state issued patrol vehicles and collisions with deer and other wildlife have occurred throughout the state. The Command Staff recognizes the need for added protection on the front of patrol vehicles to limit damage from these events as well as provide additional protection for the occupants of our patrol vehicles.

Because of this need, the Command Staff is authorizing a modification to the approved up-fitting package of patrol vehicles to include a “Grille/Brush Guard”. The Westin Automotive HDX Commercial Grade Grille Guard in Black-Powder Coat is the approved make and model for LED patrol vehicles, a picture of this product is attached on page 2 of this memo. This make and model is available at multiple vendors statewide. This is the only approved model and is only authorized in the original configuration without a winch mount. The authorized Blue Grill Lights shall be relocated to the upright braces on the brush guard and installed in a manner that will provide visibility from the front and side of the vehicle.

Mark Williams (Commissioner) & Eddie Henderson (Colonel)
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Law Enforcement Division


Looking for a Push Bumper that can handle it... Westin Public Safety Products Can! Check out this deer hit... No damage to the Westin Push Bumper or the Vehicle!

Proaction Safety and Sales
Law Enforcement Division